2019 Most In-Demand Programming Languages + Local Jobs in them

Computer Science has been one of the most sought after majors in the most recent years and (other than the love of technology) students are driven to it by salary. With salaries of over $80,000, who wouldn’t want to be at a computer coding away. Now you not only get to stay on the computer for hours, you actually get paid for it!

What coding language should you choose?

Well instead of asking that, start by asking what the demand is for the languages. In 2019, based on these folks, and these folks, and these folks, the top coding languages include Java, Python, Javascript (not to be confused with Java), C/C++, and PHP. Whether or not these programs will be so well-known and in-demand in the future is fairly hard to say due to industry trends and innovation but as for now, find a job for these languages should be “easy”.

Don’t think so?

The New York Tech Loop has you covered with job posting from all over the capital region available and compiled just for you at www.nytechloop.org. Some of the top languages are being sought after like Tyler Technologies who are searching for a C# developer or WB Games who’s looking for a C++ Engineer. If you’re looking for a job coding in one of these languages, check out www.nytechloop.org/jobs, if you really want to do your research on the top in-demand and top paying programming languages, check out the following articles:

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