4 Code Cleaning Tips to Follow

Indents, tabs, newlines, brackets...

One of the main reasons for clean and easy to read code is to make collaboration and maintenance seamless. A clean set of code is easy to traverse and makes collaboration seamless. The following are just four tips to keep your code understandable and sensible.

1. Don’t create your own coding language...

Use meaningful names for your variables so other developers know what you’re speaking about. They shouldn’t have to decrypt your coding language before even understanding what said code is about.

2. Comment for FURTHER clarification

Your code should speak for itself. If you need a paragraph of comments in order to explain what your code does, you probably need to review your code. Adding an incorrect comment or a comment that may be open to interpretation is dangerous and can lead to miscommunication in the long run.

3. Single Responsibility Principle (SRP)

Smaller Classes and functions with one job that it does very well. It is easier to test on “simple” function than it is to test a complicated function with several jobs and parts. In order words, you can have one function to do several smaller functions.

4. Be consistent

Changing the way you organize your code is okay, however, make sure the project you’re working on follows all the new tricks you’ve learned. As your knowledge of clean code evolves, you need to remain consistent so others can understand and follow throughout.

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