Sitting at your desk...The right way

As members of the software community, we spend a lot of time typing away on our computers and staring at a computer screen. Over-time this can lead to some pretty nasty pains throughout the body. Below are three quick things to keep in mind when sitting at your desk for a long time.

Keep your monitor at arm’s length away.

To help prevent slouching and straining your eyes, make sure you can reach your monitor by simply stretching out your hands. If you find that this is still too far for you, don’t move your monitor closer (You’ll just be putting a bright screen closer to your eyes and straining them), simply increase the zoom level on your screen. 

Give your legs some breathing room.

Is under your desk cluttered with things that make placing your legs down like traversing through a maze? Clear out under your desk. You should be able to move your legs around freely and keep your legs at a stable position (Knees are about level with the hips).

Give your wrists some cushion.

Your keyboard and mouse should be on the same surface and easily accessible. To bring comfort to another level, try purchasing a wrist pad for your keyboard and mouse to alleviate the pressure on your wrist, making it easier to type and move around with the mouse.

There are many other ways to ensure an ergonomic desk setup so we’ll leave a question off to you; What do you do to ensure an ergonomic setup and alleviate the inevitable pain that comes with sitting at a desk for hours a day?